Wish You Were Here

For release January 19, 2018

Touring the country as a solo music performer takes some hard work, some dedication... and a whole lot of help from other people.

It's only possible through the kindness of those who let you crash on their couch, offer you rides, feed you dinner, help you promote, offer words of encouragement, and most of all, come to the shows!  After years of travelling around the United States and Canada performing music for kids and their families, Steve Weeks is saying "Thank You" in the form of his latest release "Wish You Were here".

The CD, which physically looks and feels like a vintage postcard sent from the road to his fans, is clearly intended to offer gratitude to everyone who has helped him along the way.  "Being a touring musician, I get to meet a lot of wonderful folks.", Weeks says, "Sometimes I wish I could just take everyone along with me on a giant road trip."

The title track expresses just this feeling.  Intended to commemorate Steve's achievement of performing in all 50 United States, it describes his adventures in each state and assures the listener that no matter where he goes, he wishes they were along for the ride.

Those familiar with the kindie (independent kid's music) scene will recognize many of the songs in this collection.  Six of them have been hits on Sirius XM satellite radio channel 116 (Kids Place Live) including "Change of Heart" which reached the #1 spot.  The album also includes 5 brand new tunes.

Throughout all of the songs, fans will find the clever wordplay and whimsy that have become signatures of Steve's music.  "Tiny House" weaves a lovably absurd story of downsizing, and "Monday I Woke Up Purple" tells of a protagonist who wakes up completely different every morning.  "Run-On" is literally a single run-on sentence, and "Backwards Song The" is, well... backwards.

As always with Steve's music, you'll also hear catchy melodies and warm instrumentation.  "A Raindrop for Me" is an endearing tale of thankfulness that starts with a single drop of rain, and the infectious "Baby Started Dancing" will have you up on your feet just like characters in the song.

Steve has already made his mark on the national music scene with 5 critically acclaimed CDs, multiple #1 hits, and a first-place award in the USA Songwriting Competition children's music category.  "Wish You Were Here" is a welcome addition to this musical legacy.

50 States!

For release June 1, 2017

With performances in Waimea and Honolulu, Hawaii, Steve has now performed in all 50 United States.

"...it represents a lot miles traveled, songs played, friends made, and most of all kindness received from others. This could not ave possibly happened without the incredible generosity and help from people who booked me, let me crash at their place, fed me, kept me company, came to my shows, and encouraged me. It has been the most wonderful experience a person could ask for", Weeks said about the accomplishment.

Steve shared a few thoughts from his travels around the US in his Memories of 50 States blog entry.

"I learned so many things from this experience", Steve said, ",too many to list, but there are three very important lessons that I'd like to share...

  1. The United States is a big beautiful country, all of it ...even the cities, even the farms, even the desert, even the mountains, even the bayous, even the grasslands, even Manhattan, even Harvey, ND.  Go see it for yourself.
  2. There are kind, wonderful people everywhere.  If you consume a lot of news, you might start to believe that people are perfectly rotten.  It is not true.  Most of the folks out there trying to be good people.  They love their friends and family.  They contribute to their community and they care about others.  They just don't make the news.  Don't believe me?  Go meet them.
  3. There is no place like home.  For me that's Colorado.  It's where I miss when I've been gone too long.  I interviewed people during my travels for a radio show, and I found that if you ask, people will tell you why they love where they live no matter where that is.  We all need somewhere to be from."