Touring the country as a solo music performer takes some hard work, some dedication ... and a whole lot of help from other people. It's only possible through the kindness of those who let you crash on their couch, offer you rides, feed you dinner, help you promote, offer words of encouragement, and most of all, come to the shows!

After years of travelling around the United States and Canada performing music for kids and their families, Steve Weeks is saying "Thank You" in the form of his latest release "Wish You Were here".

Those familiar with the kindie (independent kids music) scene will recognize many of the songs in this collection. Six of them have been hits on Sirius XM satellite radio channel 116 (Kids Place Live) including "Change of Heart" which reached the #1 spot. The album also includes 5 new songs.

Fans will find all the clever wordplay and whimsy that have become signatures of Steve's music. "Tiny House" weaves a lovably absurd story of downsizing, and "Monday I Woke Up Purple" tells of a protagonist who wakes up completely different every morning. "Run-On" is literally a single run-on sentence, and "Backwards Song The" is, well... backwards.

As always with Steve's music, you'll hear catchy melodies and warm instrumentation. "A Raindrop for Me" is an endearing tale of thankfulness that starts with a single drop of rain, and the infectious "Baby Started Dancing" will have you up on your feet just like characters in the song.

"Wish You Were here" is a welcome addition to Steve's musical anthology.
...honest, well-crafted songs that appeal to kids, parents... And anyone who doesn't mind having a pleasant melody bouncing around in their head for a day or two. ...This is simple, elegant songwriting with a heavy dose of whimsy. Kenny Curtis (Sirius XM Satellite Radio - Kids Place Live)