When we had our first child, my parents gave me a box of my old Matchbox cars. I hadn't thought about these toys in decades, but seeing them again was like running into a long-lost friend. I instantly remembered each and every one of them and the times I spent playing with them, trading them with my brother, and even creating back stories for them. I made me want to go rummage through my folks' attic looking for more old friends.
Every detail and note is lovingly rendered, from these ten harmonious and exquisite songs Read More...Lahri Bond (Parents Choice Awards)
Weeks' gentle guitar work and reassuring voice fit like a snug blanket on a fall night. Recommended. Read More...Stephan Shepherd (Zooglobble)
...a welcome addition to parents' arsenal of bedtime sounds. ... personal and affectionate like a one-man performance right in your kid's bedroom. Dawn M. Roode (NY Metro Parents Magazine)
Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, ukulele, or piano, Steve sings clearly and gently on 13 tracks in this delightful collection of original tunes he's written... I highly recommend this CD for parents, grandparents, kids, or anyone who wants to discover a true talent Read More...Brett Matheson (Black Rose Acoustic Society)

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