The moment you put the album "Dandelion" on to play, you値l recognize it as the work of award-winning musician Steve Weeks. You値l hear the familiar warm vocals and acoustic guitar work. You値l hear the clever wordplay and storytelling that have been likened to the Barenaked Ladies. You値l hear the eclectic instrumentation and musical exploration. You値l hear reggae and banjos. You値l hear pennywhistles, djembes, and ukuleles. You値l hear tin cans.

From the very beginning, this CD puts the listener in a comfortable place and the acoustic guitar front-and-center. Fans of Steve痴 previous hits "Kiki Kangaroo" and "Someday" will love the title track, a plea from a dandelion who just wants to be considered a flower, not a weed.

As the songs move through bluegrass, rock, folk-hop, and reggae, they weave whimsical stories and tall tales. You値l learn about a dog named Buddy and his separation anxiety. You値l discover that Steve accidentally caused the legendary Blizzard of 78. You値l meet a kid named Bartleby Finkleton who refuses to bathe, and the rapid-fire list of birds in "Birdsong" will leave your head spinning.

Included on the CD are the #1 hit "Don稚 Nothing Work Around Here No More" and the top ten hit "Bartleby Finkleton Will Not Take a Bath".

With all the whimsy and warmth that you致e come to expect from a Steve Weeks album, Dandelion is like a pretty weed, and it will "add a little color to an ordinary yard".
I can稚 stop listening to this CD. Simply put, it makes me happy. ...Dandelion is a true flower among weeds. Charlotte Bohn (Baltimore's Child Magazine)