The title track to the "Dandelion" CD was one of the more complicated songs I've created. I had to purchase an alto recorder and a piccolo trumpet for this one, and I performed the guitar part in a really odd tuning. It was a absolute joy recording this tune though.
2020 Just Plain Folks Awards Song Nominee
Steve has received a nomination from JPF for their annual music awards, the largest in the country! "Dandelion" is nominated for Best Children's Song in the Just Plain Folks 2020 awards.
"Dandelion" on Zooglobble top 25 songs of 2011
Stefan Shepard included "Dandelion" in his prestegious top 25 songs of 2011.
...Weeks' finest song yet, a subtly metaphorical look at the usefulness of a dandelion, reminiscent of and as good as Justin Roberts' best work. Stephan Shepherd (Zooglobble)
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