I think if everyone treated others as if they were a part of their greater family, the world would be much better for it. We're supposed to be looking out for each other. I performed this song live for many years before deciding to tackle recording it. I just wasn't sure what the musical style would be. I had been listening to a lot of what we called "Beach Music" back in the Carolinas which was music my parents' generation danced to. Hopefully it's a nice homage to those swingy RnB tunes from the 50s and 60s.
27th Annual USA Songwriting Competition Finalist
Steve's song "My Family" was a finalist in the 23rd Annual US Songwriting Competition, the world's leading international songwriting event honoring songwriters, composers, bands, recording artists everywhere.
...honest, well-crafted songs that appeal to kids, parents... And anyone who doesn't mind having a pleasant melody bouncing around in their head for a day or two. ...This is simple, elegant songwriting with a heavy dose of whimsy. Kenny Curtis (Sirius XM Satellite Radio - Kids Place Live)

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