One day after 9/11 my son saw a jet in the sky and pointed up saying, "Look Dad. There's the bad guys!" I realized then that we needed to be having a conversation with our kids about the things they were seeing on TV, so I decided to write a song about a kid who used his aeroplane to make friends and connect with his world. good, I hope he sets out to do a song for each number next and doesn't stop till he's finished them all! Kurt Goerke (The Parent Guide)
OH MY GOSH!!! This cd is FANTASTIC!! Steve is SOOOO creative with his songs! Read More...Tina (Fresno Family)
Check out any of the tracks and you'll have your child enjoying learning his letters!! Chris Trochez (The Kids Show (WTUL))
...educational, entertaining, and heartwarming on multiple levels of comprehension. Read More...Dan Nicky (Kids Music)
...A humorous album that is sure to be a hit in library music collections. Beverly Wrigglesworth (School Library Journal)
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