Christmas Time At My House

Christmas time is getting close
I am counting down the days
I cut another paper ring from the chain I made
I've been such a good boy all year long
I hope I get just what I want
A bright red fire-truck like I told Santa Clause

I sing along to all the Christmas songs on the radio
I really want a White Christmas this year, please let it snow!
My parents said I could help decorate the tree this year
We could use another box or two of tinsel right over here.

I hear my brother in the next room
He's putting up a fuss
But he is just a little guy you know
It's not his fault
He doesn't understand like I do
I should let him know
You’ve got to be a good boy or you'll get yourself a lump of coal

Dad's up on the rooftop putting up some Christmas lights
He's got about a million feet of wire
He'll be up there all night
Mom's in the kitchen cooking a chocolate cake for me
I'm giving all the gifts a shake underneath the tree

The neighbors drop by for a while
The grown-ups laugh and have some food
I tell 'em that my Grandma and Grandpa are gonna come see me real soon
They say my Grandma’s gonna spoil us kids, but I don't mind
I like when people come to my house at Christmas time

It’s Christmas time at my house
And everyone is here with me
There is no place in the whole wide world I would rather be
When Santa comes he’ll find me tucked in bed fast asleep
Dreaming about a big red fire truck on Christmas Eve

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