Turn Out the Lights

Turn off the water when you're done brushing your teeth
Turn down the covers when it's time to go to sleep
Turn off the radio and turn out the lights
But you're never gonna  turn out those stars up in the sky

You might run out of pieces before the puzzle's done
Might run out time just when you're having fun
You might run out of jelly with one biscuit left
But you're never gonna  run out of those dreams up in your head

You can hide behind a tree playing games with your friends
Shove all your toys up underneath your bed
You can try and hide that last butter bean behind your spoon
But you'll never gonna  hide the light inside of you

If you lose your grip, you might just lose a kite
You might lose your nerve up on that old high dive
Sometimes you’ll lose your patience and one day you’ll lose a tooth
But you'll never gonna lose the love I have for you
No you’re never gonna lose this love I have for you

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